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6/6/2011 4:33:34 AM
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Elann.com Limited Edition Micro Cotton
50% cotton/50% acrylic microfibre
Made in Italy
Machine Wash, cold, gentle/dry flat
DK weight - 23st/4inches 3.5mm (US4)
50g ball - 130m (142y)
Standard Price: $7.95US/$7.63CA
Elann Price: $1.98US/$1.90CA (75% savings)



This was a very nice knitting experience. The yarn wasn’t hard on my hands at all to knit and is pretty soft, with a bit of a shine while knitting, but it loses it a little with a wash as it gets just the tiniest bit fluffy.

The construction is 5 strands of 2-ply plied together in a looser twist and I couldn’t break it. The yarn did split a couple times on me, so you will have to pay a bit of attention, but interestingly it was doing it on the purl rows, not the knit rows where I usually have trouble if a yarn is going to be splitty. Weird, huh? lol

The resulting fabric was smooth and even on the suggested size needles and did tighten up a bit after a block. After the wash in the machine and lay flat blocking, it shrank in row height but got wider, as usual with cotton/mixes. For those of you wondering if you can throw it in the dryer, even though it says lay flat to dry, you can (done after a second time through the washer). It will shrink widthwise also besides height. Ask me how I know? The postblock photo is after the dryer and I had started doing the frog test, and thought "Oh... I have to get the postblock picture!" It frogged well and knit back up again no problem.

You could probably go up to a US5 needle with this one and still get a very nice fabric, especially if you are a tight knitter. Since I didn’t get gauge (Elann suggested is 5.75spi), and I don’t knit tight, I think you’d almost have to use a 5 to get gauge.

All in all, I think Elann got it right with this one. I was very happy with the resulting fabric and I’ve been knitting quite a bit with cotton blends lately. I didn’t feel the acrylic in it, but am sure that’s what give it that little bit of shine (almost like a mercerized, but it’s not).



- US #4 needle metal
- CO 27, 20 rows
- smooth, cohesive fabric
- Could not break
- No pills, even after a tumble in the dryer
- Blocked first time flat to dry, second time in the dryer
- Preblock gauge: 6.75spi/8.5rpi
- Lay flat block gauge: 6.33spi/9rpi
- Dryer block gauge: 6.75spi/9rpi
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