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5/29/2011 7:00:57 PM
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JJs Handpainted Yarns Mystique Mohair Boucle 12 Ply
Fibre Content: 80% Mohair/ 15% Merino Wool/ 5% Nylon
Made In: New Zealand
Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat
Gauge: 14-16 st/4 inches 5.0-6.0 mm (US 8-10)
Yardage: 200 m (216 yards)
Size: 100g (3.5 oz) skein
Price: US$6.88

swatch photos

“100g skeins of luxurious soft mohair boucle, in rich, hand painted colorways!”


So, you all know I’m not particularly fond of boucle. This yarn is very typical of a boucle: kept catching the needle tip in the boucle loops. That drives me batty. Otherwise, it knits up a very soft, fluffy fabric. Knit on the largest suggested size needles, it give a loose fabric, perfect for basic garter or stockinette wraps or blankets. It did shrink just a bit with a tepid bath and air dry, but didn’t affect the drape at all. Don’t bother with intricate lace or cables. They won’t show in all the fluffiness. It didn’t shed at all. That’s great for a mohair.

Most of the projects on Ravelry are of felted handbags, so guess what I did? Yes, I felt this yarn up! I threw it in with my regular load of darks, warm wash/cold rinse, dry in the dryer on high heat. Twice. First time through it was felted, but still a bit loose. Good thing I had two loads of darks to do. Second time, tightened it up more, but it also felted a bit unevenly. But hey, it was a little swatch and I wasn’t watching over it with an eagle eye. It still has some stretch to it though, even after two cycles through. It’s not a nice, tight felting and the boucle loops are still kind of visible. I’m not sure I’d use this to make a felted bag, unless I used it carried along with another good felting wool and knit on 13’s, maybe.

For those of you out there that like boucle, you’ll like this. The colorways match the other JJ handpainteds that have been offered. Lots of pretty colors to choose from, if handpaints are your thing.

- US10 plastic needle
- Easily snapped with one good yank
- Would felt better using a good felting, carry-along wool
- Account for 25% shrinkage in stitch width and 50% in row height for post-felted sizing
- Blunter tipped needles may help with snagging the boucle loops
- Absolutely no itch factor at all. (forgot it was under my bra strap!)
- preblock 3.5spi/5rpi
- postblock 4spi/7.5rpi
- felted 4.5spi/11rpi
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