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7/6/2010 1:12:13 PM
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The results are in, and we would like to congratulate the three winners of our Sonata Project Contest!

They are:
Mission Falls Indian Mirror bag in elann Sonata - meinhardtwang-325780
Nicole Waistcoat - kellygirl
Bozena Dress - susannerobinson-063874

Honourable mentions go to the following projects:
Lacy Crochet Jacket - kellygirl
Peony Lariat- mch9orinda-453511
Sonata Lace Cardigan - Billie
Log Cabin Baby Blanket- ecolella-108163
Krista Lace Tee- jenjuniper24-959238
Adrienne Vittadini ribbed leaf patter pullover- patw
Tahki Cotillion- francia.jon-134236

Many thanks to all of our participants, and to everyone who took part by voting. Remember to watch this forum for our next project contest!
7/6/2010 5:45:00 PM
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Woohoo! Congrats everyone! I was very impressed by all the entries! Way to go Big Grin

*~meg~* mom to 8, wife to 1
7/7/2010 2:34:35 AM
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Congrats to the winners! I totally LOVED that bag from the moment I saw it! The vest and the dress were both so stunning, too! Great contest!!!
7/7/2010 8:22:28 AM
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Just chiming in to say I'm impressed with all the entries. They look lovely, and the best advertisement for the yarn is seeing it actually used on real people. I always like the yarns better once i've seen them in action.
7/8/2010 9:37:39 AM
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Congratulations to the very deserving winners!!!
This was a very tough field - all entries were beautiful projects.
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