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The Wonderful Wallaby

Contest Entry: August 2014 Open Project Contest

Knitter/Crocheter: cwgenge
Gauge: Worsted / 10 Ply
Project Type: Pullovers
Project For: Women
Yarn Used: Various stash yarns and black hoodie was Briggs and Little Heritage
Pattern Used: The Wonderful Wallaby- Cottage Creations- Carol A Anderson

Fun hoodie made completly seamless - three needle bind-off for hood and kitchener stitch for attaching sleeves to the underarm-pouch is picked up - great for those who do not like sewing seams and for those that like using circular needles- the black hoodie was made for my hubbie- had to modify the pattern to knit the Harley Davidson logo on the back- made with hoods but pattern shows how to do a collar if you like- pattern is written like a story so the first attempt was a bit challenging to decipher pattern- lots of help on Ravelry and one of the most comfortable sweaters i have ever made to wear- pattern is sized from size 2 for kids to a XXL for adults

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