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The Scarf Even My Mother Didn't Love aka Cat Bed

Contest Entry: The Biggest Loser

Knitter/Crocheter: neurotikat
Gauge: DK / 8 Ply
Project Type: Scarves
Project For: Women
Yarn Used: Eyelet Scarf
Pattern Used: Lady at My mom's knit store: "Cast on for 24 stitches or so and then keep going..."

This project was supposed to be my first project. Vital stats: Number of times I tore out the first couple rows and started over: 8. Number of times I stabbed myself in the eye manoeuvring my knitting needles: 2. Number of coins to hit the swear jar during completion: No one can say...This picture actually doesn't do it justice; especially considering it doesn't show the holes that periodically appear, big enough for my finger to go through in more than one place. And no, you are not imagining things: I somehow managed to keep adding stitches, so it is in fact fatter at the bottom than at the beginning. And yes, it is a cat bed now, and not a scarf for my mom... (You will note my cat wondering why I have plundered her cat carrier to take this photo; that is her right behind me). I have kept this franken-scarf so that I can inspire myself by comparing it to future projects. (That way, even if they're not that great, I'll still feel like a rock star by comparing them to my first, heh heh!) Cause after a project like this, there's nowhere to go but up ladies!

3/6/2014 2:08:20 PM
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I think your scarf is absolutely beautiful. Good job. Keep knitting.
3/8/2014 10:04:56 AM
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Congratulations, neurotikat - you're the winner of our Biggest Loser Contest!
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