Do you have a library of beautiful pattern books with no yardage information included to help you make informed yarn substitutions? Our Yarn Info Finder's aim is to provide you with as much information as we can about yarns used in pattern books in current circulation. Below is a list of yarns we have found gauge, yardage, and ball size information for. Whenever possible, we have also included fibre content and needle size information too. Just click the plus sign beside each yarn name below, and yarn substitution information will appear.

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Tahki Acapulco  
Tahki Alpaka Soft  
Tahki Angel (1)  
Tahki Angel (2)  
Tahki Baby Kid Extra  
Tahki Baby Tweed  
Tahki Baby/ Baby Print  
Tahki Bali  
Tahki Bianca  
Tahki Bongo  
Tahki Bunny  
Tahki Bunny Paint  
Tahki Bunny Print  
Tahki Bunny/ Bunny Print  
Tahki Cancun  
Tahki Capri/ Capri Print  
Tahki Casca  
Tahki Chat/ Chat Print  
Tahki Chelsea Silk  
Tahki Classic Cotton Dot  
Tahki Cloud  
Tahki Cottage  
Tahki Cotton Classic  
Tahki Cotton Classic Color  
Tahki Cotton Classic Cones  
Tahki Cotton Classic II  
Tahki Cotton Colori  
Tahki Curly  
Tahki Dahlia  
Tahki Dakota  
Tahki Dazzle  
Tahki Donegal Tweed  
Tahki Dream/ Dream Print  
Tahki Dune  
Tahki Durango  
Tahki Elliott  
Tahki Fargo  
Tahki Fiero  
Tahki Fiji  
Tahki Fiocco  
Tahki Flower  
Tahki Ghost  
Tahki Ghost Print  
Tahki Havana  
Tahki Isabella  
Tahki Jolie  
Tahki Kashmir  
Tahki Kerry  
Tahki Kioto  
Tahki Laguna 2000  
Tahki Lana  
Tahki Lily  
Tahki Linet  
Tahki Linguine  
Tahki Loop-D-Loop Fern  
Tahki Loop-D-Loop Moss  
Tahki Loop-D-Loop Shale  
Tahki Lucky  
Tahki Magic  
Tahki Malva  
Tahki Marcelle  
Tahki Monterey  
Tahki Murano  
Tahki New Tweed  
Tahki Panda  
Tahki Pansy  
Tahki Paradise  
Tahki Pop  
Tahki Poppy  
Tahki Positano  
Tahki Punta  
Tahki Ravello  
Tahki Ravello Full Bag Sale  
Tahki Regina  
Tahki Rialto  
Tahki Ritratto (1)  
Tahki Ritratto (2)  
Tahki Rosa  
Tahki Roxy  
Tahki Saba  
Tahki Sable  
Tahki Sabrina  
Tahki Safari  
Tahki Santa Fe  
Tahki Satin  
Tahki Scoop  
Tahki Shannon  
Tahki Siena  
Tahki Soho Bulky  
Tahki Soho Bulky Tweeds  
Tahki Soho Tweed  
Tahki Splash  
Tahki Stacy Charles Aura  
Tahki Stacy Charles Como  
Tahki Stacy Charles Davos Print  
Tahki Stacy Charles Donegal Tweed  
Tahki Stacy Charles Java  
Tahki Stacy Charles Koko  
Tahki Stacy Charles/ Filatura Di Crosa Baby Bambi  
Tahki Stacy Charles/ Filatura Di Crosa Zarella Baby  
Tahki Stacy Charles/ Filatura Di Crosa Zarella Baby Print  
Tahki Star  
Tahki Star (1)  
Tahki Star (2)  
Tahki Tokyo  
Tahki Torino  
Tahki Torino (1)  
Tahki Torino (2)  
Tahki Torino Bulky  
Tahki Trendy  
Tahki Trendy (1)  
Tahki Trendy (2)  
Tahki Trio  
Tahki Tweedy Cotton Classic  
Tahki Tweedy Cotton Classic II  
Tahki Tweedy Lamb  
Tahki Uma  
Tahki Veletta  
Tahki Viva  
Tahki Willow  
Teva Durham Fern  
Teva Durham Moss  
Teva Durham Shale  
Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Gorgeous  
Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Purity  
Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Sincere  
Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Spirit  
Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Spirit Chunky  
Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Wool  
Twilleys of Stamford Gold Dust  
Twilleys of Stamford Goldfingering  
Twilleys of Stamford Handicraft Cotton No.1 (HC1)  
Twilleys of Stamford Handicraft Cotton No.2 (HC2)  
Twilleys of Stamford Lyscordet No.5  
Twilleys of Stamford Multi Goldfingering  
Twilleys of Stamford Silky  
Twilleys of Stamford Southern Comfort  
Twilleys of Stamford Stalite Perlespun No.3  
Twilleys of Stamford Twentys