Do you have a library of beautiful pattern books with no yardage information included to help you make informed yarn substitutions? Our Yarn Info Finder's aim is to provide you with as much information as we can about yarns used in pattern books in current circulation. Below is a list of yarns we have found gauge, yardage, and ball size information for. Whenever possible, we have also included fibre content and needle size information too. Just click the plus sign beside each yarn name below, and yarn substitution information will appear.

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elann.com 1-Ply Mohair/Merino  
elann.com 2-Ply Mohair/Merino  
elann.com Adara  
elann.com Bamboo Fusion  
elann.com Bombay  
elann.com Callista  
elann.com Camila  
elann.com Canapone  
elann.com Champagne  
elann.com Coto Canapone  
elann.com Cultivated Baby Silk  
elann.com Cultivated Fingering Silk  
elann.com Devon  
elann.com Endless Summer Connemara  
elann.com Endless Summer Lara  
elann.com Endless Summer Lara Print  
elann.com Endless Summer Luna  
elann.com Endless Summer Pasticcio  
elann.com Esprit  
elann.com Limited Edition Bella  
elann.com Limited Edition Camella  
elann.com Limited Edition Coto-Merino  
elann.com Linus  
elann.com Lustrado  
elann.com Marrakesh  
elann.com Merino Superwash  
elann.com Nilo  
elann.com Pamir  
elann.com Pasticcio  
elann.com Pegasus  
elann.com Peruvian Baby Cashmere  
elann.com Peruvian Baby Lace Merino  
elann.com Peruvian Baby Silk  
elann.com Peruvian Cuzco  
elann.com Peruvian Highland Bulky  
elann.com Peruvian Highland Chunky  
elann.com Peruvian Highland Donegal  
elann.com Peruvian Highland Silk  
elann.com Peruvian Highland Sport  
elann.com Peruvian Highland Wool  
elann.com Peruvian Pure Alpaca  
elann.com Peruvian Quechua  
elann.com Peruvian Sierra  
elann.com Peruvian Sierra Aran  
elann.com Peruvian Sierra Aran Undyed  
elann.com Peruvian Uros  
elann.com Peruvian Uros Aran  
elann.com Peruvian Uros Aran Undyed  
elann.com Pure Bamboo  
elann.com Silken Kydd  
elann.com Sock It To Me 4 Ply  
elann.com Sock It To Me Colori  
elann.com Sock It To Me Essential 4 Ply  
elann.com Sock It To Me Harlequin  
elann.com Sock It To Me Puzzle  
elann.com Soie Bambou  
elann.com Soie Lin  
elann.com Sonata  
elann.com Sonata Print  
elann.com Sula  
elann.com Super Cable Aran  
elann.com Super Kydd  
elann.com Super Tweed  
elann.com Superwash Bamboo  
elann.com Superwash Incense  
elann.com Undyed Ladder Lace  
elann.com Undyed Lisa Lashes  
elann.com Undyed Plume  
elann.com Undyed Superwash Merino and Cashmere Sock Yarn  
elann.com Undyed Tuft Love  
ella rae Baby Cotton  
ella rae Bamboo Silk  
ella rae Classic  
ella rae Classic Heathers  
ella rae Classic Marls  
ella rae Classic Print  
ella rae Country Tweed  
ella rae Lace Merino Chunky  
ella rae Lace Merino DK  
ella rae Lace Merino Multis  
ella rae Lace Merino Solids  
ella rae Lace Merino Worsted  
ella rae Lace Merino Worsted Solids  
ella rae Latte  
ella rae Mega  
ella rae Mega Heathers  
ella rae Milky Soft  
ella rae Pansies  
ella rae Phoenix  
ella rae Pompe  
ella rae Rimini  
ella rae Seasons  
ella rae Superwash Classic  
ella rae Superwash Classic Chunky  
ella rae Superwash Classic Chunky Heathers  
ella rae Superwash Classic Heathers  
elsebeth lavold Angora  
elsebeth lavold Baby Llama  
elsebeth lavold Bambool  
elsebeth lavold Bamboucle  
elsebeth lavold Cable Cotton  
elsebeth lavold Calm Wool  
elsebeth lavold Chunky AL  
elsebeth lavold Classic AL  
elsebeth lavold Cool Wool  
elsebeth lavold Cotton Frappe  
elsebeth lavold Cotton PatinĂ©  
elsebeth lavold Eucool  
elsebeth lavold Favorite Wool  
elsebeth lavold Hempathy  
elsebeth lavold LinSilk  
elsebeth lavold SensuAL  
elsebeth lavold Silky Flamme  
elsebeth lavold Silky Tweed  
elsebeth lavold Silky Wool  
elsebeth lavold Silky Wool XL  
elsebeth lavold Tweedy Wool  
elsebeth lavold Twice Tweed  
elsebeth lavold ViSilk  
Ester Bitran Hand Dyes Andes  
Ester Bitran Hand Dyes Canela  
Ester Bitran Hand Dyes Socos  
Ester Bitran Hand Dyes Talinay