Do you have yarns in your stash previously purchased from Elann? Perhaps you're having trouble deciphering the washing instructions on a ball label, or perhaps you're wondering what the yarn's recommended tension is. Over the years, we've offered many beautiful yarns, and we have kept useful information about them on file. Below is a list of these yarns. Just click the plus sign beside each yarn name below, and full fibre, care, gauge, and yardage information will display.

For some of the yarns we've offered in the past, the possibility exists that we'll be able to re-stock. When this is the case, you'll see an envelope icon in front of the yarn name. Just click on the envelope, and you'll be notified if we bring in new stock.

Product Name Started By:

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ON line Linie 119 - Cotton Stretch  
ON line Linie 133 - Fun  
ON line Linie 146 - Montana  
ON line Linie 44 - Ravenna  
ONline Hakelgarn 10  
ONline Hakelgarn 15  
ONline Hakelgarn 20  
ONline Linie 1 - Supersocke  
ONline Linie 1 - Supersocke Color  
ONline Linie 101 - Motion  
ONline Linie 101 - Motion  
ONline Linie 103 - Allegro  
ONline Linie 103 - Allegro  
ONline Linie 104 - Cocoon  
ONline Linie 104 - Cocoon  
ONline Linie 114 - Space  
ONline Linie 116 - Spirit  
ONline Linie 117 - City  
ONline Linie 118 - Vision  
ONline Linie 121 - Summertime  
ONline Linie 124 - Gaucho  
ONline Linie 131 - Fantasy  
ONline Linie 139 - Cicada  
ONline Linie 15 - Orlando  
ONline Linie 163 - Bingo  
ONline Linie 176 - Lunetta  
ONline Linie 199 - Metallic  
ONline Linie 21 - Marly  
ONline Linie 24 - Magic  
ONline Linie 31 - Scala  
ONline Linie 31 - Scala Print  
ONline Linie 35 - Cannes  
ONline Linie 42 - Plush  
ONLine Linie 45 - Padua  
ONline Linie 57 - Palma  
ONline Linie 58 - Calypso  
ONline Linie 58 - Calypso Print  
ONline Linie 59 - Crema  
ONline Linie 60 - Tondo  
ONline Linie 64 - Nobile  
ONline Linie 68 - Tivoli  
ONline Linie 76 - Cup  
ONline Linie 78 - Vega  
ONline Linie 79 - Evita  
ONline Linie 81 - Gina  
ONline Linie 82 - Mistral  
ONline Linie 89 - Jeans  
ONline Linie 94 - Filou  
ONline Linie 95 - Summer Mistral  
Opal Bicolor  
Opal Graffiti  
Opal Show Your Colours  
Opal Surprise  
Ornaghi Filati Bamboo Print  
Ornaghi Filati Bamboo Solid  
Ornaghi Filati Bombay  
Ornaghi Filati Bombay Bag Sale  
Ornaghi Filati Bosco  
Ornaghi Filati Camel-Hair  
Ornaghi Filati Echo  
Ornaghi Filati Echo Flash  
Ornaghi Filati Elba  
Ornaghi Filati Filtweed  
Ornaghi Filati Fiore 5  
Ornaghi Filati Fiore 8  
Ornaghi Filati Gong  
Ornaghi Filati Gong Print  
Ornaghi Filati Lana d Irlanda  
Ornaghi Filati Merino Kind  
Ornaghi Filati Merino Kind Print  
Ornaghi Filati Merino Kind Self-Patterning  
Ornaghi Filati Merino Sport  
Ornaghi Filati Natural  
Ornaghi Filati Rock Cotton Bag Sale  
Ornaghi Filati Super Sport Superwash  
Ornaghi Filati United  
Ornaghi Filati United Bag Sale