Do you have yarns in your stash previously purchased from Elann? Perhaps you're having trouble deciphering the washing instructions on a ball label, or perhaps you're wondering what the yarn's recommended tension is. Over the years, we've offered many beautiful yarns, and we have kept useful information about them on file. Below is a list of these yarns. Just click the plus sign beside each yarn name below, and full fibre, care, gauge, and yardage information will display.

For some of the yarns we've offered in the past, the possibility exists that we'll be able to re-stock. When this is the case, you'll see an envelope icon in front of the yarn name. Just click on the envelope, and you'll be notified if we bring in new stock.

Product Name Started By:

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Baby Silk  
Bernat Aran Soft Wool  
Bernat Baby Coordinates - Solids  
Bernat Country Garden DK  
Berroco Air  
Berroco Boho  
Berroco Boho Colors  
Berroco Calico  
Berroco ClichĂ©  
Berroco Cliche Colors  
Berroco Cotton Twist  
Berroco Cotton Twist Variegated  
Berroco Cuzco  
Berroco Denim Silk  
Berroco Flax  
Berroco Foliage  
Berroco Gem  
Berroco Geode  
Berroco GlacĂ©  
Berroco Glitz  
Berroco Hip Hop  
Berroco Jewel FX  
Berroco Keltic  
Berroco Linen Jeans  
Berroco Love It  
Berroco Love It Colors  
Berroco Luxe  
Berroco Memoirs  
Berroco Mica  
Berroco Mohair Classic  
Berroco Monet  
Berroco NaturLin  
Berroco Nostalgia  
Berroco O2 (Oxygen)  
Berroco Optik  
Berroco Opulent FX  
Berroco Palace  
Berroco Pronto  
Berroco Pronto Print  
Berroco Pure Merino  
Berroco Pure Merino DK  
Berroco Pure Merino Heather  
Berroco Pure Merino Nuance  
Berroco Quest  
Berroco Rasta  
Berroco Seduce Colors  
Berroco Seta  
Berroco Smart Mohair  
Berroco Softwist  
Berroco Sprite  
Berroco Suede  
Berroco Suede Tri-Color  
Berroco Touche  
Berroco Ultra Alpaca  
Berroco Ultra Silk  
Berroco Uxbridge Tweed  
Berroco Vibe  
Berroco Vintage  
Berroco Yoga  
Berroco Zen  
Berroco Zen Colors  
Berroco Zodiac  
Bristol Yarn Gallery Lafayette  
Bristol Yarn Gallery Yardley  
Brown Sheep Cotton Fine  
Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece  
Brown Sheep Fantasy Lace Boucle  
Brown Sheep Handpaint Originals  
Brown Sheep Kaleidoscope  
Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Bulky  
Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Worsted  
Brown Sheep Naturespun Fingering 1 lb Cone  
Brown Sheep Naturespun Fingering 50g Skein  
Brown Sheep Naturespun Sport 1 lb Cone  
Brown Sheep Naturespun Sport 50g Skein  
Brown Sheep Naturespun Worsted  
Brown Sheep Prairie Silks  
Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn