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11/25/2013 8:09:41 PM
HELP with Coin Lace Stole meg wrote:
Hi there, I am currently knitting this pattern, so i hope that I can help you

When you get to the dropped st, you remove it from the left needle and let it "drop down". Then there will be a strand of yarn where that stitch was and you go under it with your right needle, yarn around needle and amake a stitch onto the right needle. Everytime you get to where the dropped sts are, this is what you do. I hope that heps a little Meg
11/25/2013 8:16:06 PM
Coin Lace Stole So when you drop the stitch, it releases from the stitch beneath and do you let it fall in front of or behind the strand that you knit next? I have now started this stole 4 times and can't seem to get it right. Help is appreciated.
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