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1/19/2013 8:26:56 AM
Ara tricot SOS Hi Glendus,

I started working on the shawl with this yarn. I purchased it on purpose, hahaha, I love the look. My ruffles are all consistent so all I can suggest is you make sure your yarn isn't twisting when you turn. Mine are also very close together and came out nowhere close to pattern dimensions. It called for 6 balls, I ordered 4 more. I guess I could try larger needles? I used 4.5mm.
5/29/2013 2:53:52 PM
Ornaghi filati ELBA Hello, I have 2 skeins available and a couple ends from a top I made. I love this yarn and would like to get more, but since I'd need a LOT more.... and you only need a few, you are welcome to mine. But, only if you REALLY need it

7/13/2013 8:50:15 AM
Ornaghi Filati Elba - Fired Tangerine Looking for 3 balls of 0972, Fired Tangerine, L77021.... needed for beautiful crocheted granny square top!

Or.... could also use colour 0510 Spring, 4 or 5 balls.
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