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6/5/2012 7:11:09 AM
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Fibre Content: 55% Viscose Rayon/ 45% Cotton
Made In: Brazil
Care: Machine Wash, Cold, Gentle/ Dry Flat
Knit: 21 st/4 inches 3.75 mm (US 5)
Yardage: 97 m (106 yards) per 50g ball
Size: 10 50g (1.75oz) balls per bag
Price: US$22.00

A multi-seasonal DK weight with silken shimmer and a slinky drape!

Featured Design: This lovely crocheted shawl, designed by Flora Yang exclusively for elann.com Luna, is available in the Free Patterns Section of our website, while quantities of Luna last. It is worked side to side in an increase and then a decrease section, then edged with a delicate picot border. Suitable for beginning crocheters, its finished measurements are approximately 65” from end to end (23.5” finished length), and it uses 8 balls of elann.com Luna.

To purchase remaining single balls of Luna, Click here.
Standard price for this yarn is $5.98 USD per ball - Elann full bag blowout sale price saves you as much as 63%!

Unblocked & Blocked

Ok, ok. Down to bidness. The queue starts over there -------------------------->

Now, mind you, I don’t mind manmade fibers, so long as they add something to the mix. The rayon in this is the darker, shinier plies and it adds just a bit of give, making for a nicer, softer hand than straight cotton. But there is enough cotton to keep the fabric cohesive and in shape, for a cotton.

I split only the rayon strands just a couple times and couldn’t break it at all. And while I like the fabric I got, I wouldn’t use it for a top. The stitches were just a smidge too see-through for me. You’d have to hold it up to the light to see what I mean. I’d go down a needle size though (making it knit up at more of a sportweight), in a heartbeat, to use this for a top. The rayon gave it a very cool touch, but the cotton would help battle feeling like you’re wearing plastic bags.

I was able to get it pilled a bit, but with the softness of the finished swatch, it didn’t surprise me much. The stitches are nice and even and the swatch, had I done a hang test, probably would have grown in length a bit. The rayon adds just enough slippery for that. But since cottons tend to get wider and shorter, that rayon might balance that feature out by allowing it to lengthen as the wearing progresses.

Gauge, yeah well, it was a nice goal, but not achieved. Going up to a US6 would have made an even looser fabric, but would be really nice for a simple cardigan.

If I needed more yarn (like I need another hole in my head), I’d be in line for this.

- US5 (3.75mm) blunt tip metal
- Unblocked gauge: 21s/3.5”, 7.5rpi
- Blocked gauge: 21s/3.75”, 8.5rpi
- Frogged well
- Could not break
- A little splitting on the rayon plies
- Will pill
- A bit shiny and slippery
- Would knit up at a sportweight gauge better for a tighter fabric
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